Blackfish Inspired IMAX Aqua Domes

You know of “Blackfish” – the movie about the cruelty towards the whales at the center of the SeaWorld franchise – which made it so that they’re trying to figure something new to replace the old circus act?

Here’s Diane Sawyer on the story about both the documentary and the whale trainer deaths that inspired the investigation.

Chairmeowww proposes the following:

An “immersive” IMAX experience of the whales in freedom, both underwater and above.

However, instead of designing the theater as a a sit-down experience, make it a timed-walk through, as if the park attendee is walking the ocean floor, perhaps their time “in the aqua dome” could feature an 8-10 minute surround sound  film of the whales swimming up to, over, under, and past them?

After they exit the aqua dome, wouldn’t it be cool if park patrons could walk through an aquarium corridor out to a larger room where they could learn about the importance of protection and conservation?  There should be a letter writing station for children, replete with crayons and markers and fish stickers, so that they can correspond to the whales and wish them good health.  The stickers are akin to sending “whale snacks” and once a letter has been sealed with a fish sticker, the children should have the opportunity to deliver the letters to their new whale friends via a state of the art (or not)  “Wave Messenger System” – a moving train of mechanized waves in which letters can be tucked and carried away.  Of course, maybe 3-4 weeks later, they could receive a letter back with a whale stamp of approval and thanks for their support?


Letter Waves
Whale Mail Delivery System

Another incident of out-of-the-box thinking by Chairmeowww.

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