July, 2012

The Love Of My Life – Bread Pudding at Masa in Echo Park

photo credit: Cathy Z. / Yelp

It comes to your table nonchalantly delivered on a plain, white plate.

Certainly all the lights in the place twinkle when it arrives.

Glistening crusts of melted chocolate butter rise to meet you.

Your fork has always been on your plate, but suddenly, it has a deeper purpose.

You make conversation with your dinner mates, but all the while you are anticipating the delivery of a heavenly body into your mouth.

The metal side of the fork presses down, the brushed dough resists good-naturedly, then relents.  O, pudding!  Canyons and crevices of caramelized bliss suck you into a warm, penetrating comfort that compels your whole body to shudder as you think to yourself, o- this – oh – is- ahhhhh – so right!

Bread Pudding.  Masa Echo Park, folks.  Don’t be shy.

Masa Bakery & Cafe [Yelp]
1800 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026