March, 2012

The Baked Potato – Hot, Hot, Hot!

The potatoes are bigger than your first child.  Baked potato, indeed.  Last night, a friend picked me up to see Andy Senesi and his crew of dastardly dare-devils play at this tiny club called The Baked Potato, a staple of the Los Angeles jazz scene situated right by the 101 in North Hollywood.  I will say this.  It was downright frightening to watch those men play.  It was was like having yoga done upon my mind by invisible sonic pygmies.  In the mere act of watching them, I could sit and listen and feel the broken synapses in my brain being repaired.  Pure and effortless music flowed over the room.   The cover was $145.  I mean, $15.  It’s that shocking spud effect. . . I still can’t type straight.

The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd.
Studio City, CA91604
phone: 818-980-1615