Friday Night Lights | Television

Today I finished Season 1 on my exercise bike.

Riveting television about people trying to live with integrity in spite of their flaws. I have never heard so much owning up and apologizing for behaviors as in this show. In daily life people do not apologize so much. All characters have their virtues as well as their hubri. I don’t even think that is a word. They struggle to do their best and face heartbreak, disappointment, failure and yet persevere into the next episode, in such a way (editor’s magic) that the viewer (staying up late for no good reason) needs to find resolution to the delightful agony of human existence by clicking “NEXT EPISODE”.

It’s a mean trick. Of the 22 episodes, only one ended without a character in pain. I found myself watching multiple Next-Episodes looking for that plot twist / band-aid that might bring my mortal soul some relief.

Anyway, if Lost was a show that taught everyone how to be a rude a–hole on an island, FNL teaches you how to be a flawed human being acknowledging a higher standard than oneself to which a community may be held accountable.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!

Who wrote this crap! I’ve eaten it up!

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