January, 2011


Well, as a web-zine with one contributor and editor (me), I can egocentrically say that 2010 was a great year for Smashpaper.  We learned how to log into our blog, we learned how to post articles to said blog, we even learned how to re-post content from the web and add pictures sometimes.  Big stuff.

For 2011, Smashpaper is expanding by at least 100% and focusing attention on self-improvement as well as continuing reviews of what people are doing well.   A lot of us grow naturally–blossoming like roses in the desert, persevering like cacti, proliferating like weeds, whatever!  But some of us require more careful pruning.

That some-of-us reads and writes for Smashpaper 2011.

On the web, there are sites that will tell you how to make a pancake, for example, or how to organize your Hi-8 collection.  But the bigger-better question still needs to be asked.  How do you just become a bigger-better version of who you already are?  You have innate gifts, right?  How do you hone and amplify those gifts and turn into a machine lean and mean enough to endure the normal challenges of life and discouragement and still stay focused on what you want to deliver with your limited time on earth.

The ultimate question:

How do you be a great writer and have fantastic abs?

O, o.  So many inspirational words.

Anyway, if you know someone who knows someone who has a unique and eh. . .slightly

optimistic perspective on life-the-endurance-test, or if they just know how to do something unique and spell pretty well, please send them my way.

We are looking for a stable of writing stallions, black-humored, muscular, and beautiful.  If you personally are interested, don’t volunteer, have someone recommend you.

Thank you,