Rasa Gallery Artist Bio: Ayuna Collins, Painter

Brrack a.k.a. "Mr. President"

Ayuna Collins stands in space with the long neck of a dancer.

If she was a chicken, she would be a swan, if she was a submarine, she would be the periscope. From her unique position as dancer/swam/periscope, she sees color, people, objects, texts in a unique way.

In this series, we consider the chicken from Ayuna’s perspective and cluck with revelation.

The birds separate into two flocks. Birds of Sacrifice, and Birds of Gaze. The Birds of Sacrifice have color but will not avoid slaughter. Their place in the world is one of form and movement, but their destiny is to be consumed. For all their scratch and cockle, they share a wild look of attention to nothing at all. They are mad chickens, belonging neither in the sky nor in the coop, but rather in the art frame.

The birds of gaze are another story.

These birds could guard your house.
Their form is inhabited.
Their form intimidates.
Their form holds a history.
Their form has a presence.
Their form implies effect.

Hang them in the entryway of your home and they will apprehend, even as they are apprehended.

As with these birds, so with man.

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